How to Get Rid of a Hickey – Top 10 Ways to Get Rid of Hickeys Fast With Pictures


Hickeys can be fun in the heat of the moment, but they can be a little awkward and embarrassing once the lights come on and send you scrambling to Google for ‘how to get rid of a hickey’ before you head back to your 9-5 job. To save you some embarrassment and some time, we’ve gathered together tried and true ways to help get rid of that hickey fast! Believe it or not, there are plenty of ways to help that hickey heal, or at the very least, to hide it until it can heal on its own.

The best part is that these remedies only require things that you probably already have in your kitchen or medicine cabinet! Read on for some fantastically useful information that will help save your dignity and keep you from having to wear a turtleneck or scarf in July!

How to get rid of a hickey – What is a hickey?

So, what is a hickey? A hickey is actually a type of bruise that is caused by kissing or sucking too hard on a section of skin. The suction causes the tiny capillaries beneath the surface of the skin to break.  This causes the blood to pool under the skin which causes the distinctive coloration of the hickey.  While not generally painful the appearance of a hickey can be embarrassing if it is in a visible location.

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How to get rid of a hickey – How do you get a hickey?

If you’re looking for ways to hide or get rid of a hickey, then you probably already know how you get one, so feel free to skip this segment.

The most common way to get a hickey is by someone kissing or sucking on your neck for a length of time in the same spot.  Once the capillaries are broken, blood begins to accumulate under the skin, creating the bruise-like appearance.

Biting creates actual bruises, which can make the hickey appear worse than it would have otherwise, as well as making it take longer to heal.

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How to get rid of a hickey – How long do hickeys last?

If you’ve skipped the last segment, then this is the information that you were really looking for. So, how long do hickeys last? Well, if left untreated, a hickey can last anywhere from 5 to 12 days, depending on how quickly you heal. Treating your hickey is easy, cheap, painless, and can reduce that 5-12 day healing period to a mere 1-2 days. Read on for the top 13 ways to get rid of hickeys fast!

How to Get Rid of a Hickey Fast – Top 10 Ways to Get Rid of Hickeys

Now, without further adieu, here is the information that you really came here for: how to get rid of a hickey fast. None of us have the time to hide away for a week while a hickey heals on its own. These first remedies work best for fresh hickeys, or ones that are just a few hours old.

  1. Ice to to get rid of a hickey, the first treatment is always ice, and a hickey is no different. If you’re looking for ways to get rid of hickeys fast, make an ice pack and put it on the hickey for 15 minutes multiple times per day. Make sure that you don’t put the ice directly on the skin, because that can cause even more damage.   If you don’t have ice, try putting a spoon in the fridge until its cold, and rub that over the hickey.
Ice to to get rid of a hickey
  1. Vitamin K to get rid of a hickey . While vitamin K is a normal part of a healthy diet, it can also be used to treat hickeys because it prevents coagulation. It is a great way to treat normal bruises as well as hickeys. You can find vitamin K enriched lotions at your local drug store, but if that isn’t an option, try looking into adding foods that are high in vitamin K to your diet, such as brown rice, soybean oil or omega 3 rich fish oils.
Vitamin K to get rid of a hickey
  1. Vitamin C to get rid of a hickey . Oranges aren’t just good for keeping that cold bug away, they’re also essential for skin repair. Drink a lot of extra orange juice right after you get a hickey to help rebuild the collagen in the damaged area. If you don’t have any oranges or fresh juice, don’t worry! Take 500 mg of Vitamin C  every day for 3 to 5 days. It will offer the same benefits as the orange juice, though it won’t taste as good.
Vitamin C to get rid of a hickey
  1. Peppermint to get rid of a hickey .Be minty fresh in more ways than one! Peppermint is fantastic for improving blood circulation. This, when treating a hickey, is essential. Basically, it causes your body to bring new blood in, pushing out the old pooled blood and making it easier to absorb. Treat the hickey with peppermint oil (make sure you use the essential oil, not the extract you would use for cooking) once or twice a day. If peppermint oil isn’t available, do the same with minty toothpaste. It doesn’t work as well, but it will suffice.
Peppermint to get rid of a hickey
  1. Banana Peels to get rid of a hickey . Not just for comedy acts anymore! The leftovers from these tasty treats are fantastic hickey remedies as well. Just cut out a chunk of banana peel, slightly larger than your hickey, and place it on the affected site for 10-30 minutes. Just make sure you eat the banana, there’s no point in wasting it just to treat a hickey!
Banana Peels to get rid of a hickey
  1. Aloe vera to get rid of a hickey. While it is fantastic for sunburns, aloe vera is also a great tool for reducing the appearance of hickeys. The natural anti-inflammatory and soothing properties within the aloe are great for helping the capillaries heal faster. Those are the same properties that make it a great tool for treating burns.  Just put fresh aloe gel, or an aloe infused lotion on the hickey two or three times a day.
Aloe vera to get rid of a hickey
  1. Rubbing Alcohol to get rid of a hickey. It’ll sting for open wounds, but rubbing alcohol makes a soothing hickey treatment that you probably already have in your medicine cabinet. Several times a day, you should rub some rubbing alcohol onto your skin over the hickey. It is important to remember to moisturize after every treatment, because rubbing alcohol will dry out your skin. Dry skin over the site of a hickey can make it look even worse.

The rest of these treatments work better for older hickeys, usually ones that are two or three days old.

  1. Warm compress to get rid of hickeys. Ice is the best treatment for a new hickey, but for an older oneheat is one of your best treatment options. Heat dilates the broken capillaries, helping to bring in fresh blood. This pushes out the old pool blood and encourages healing. Apply heat, in the form of a wet warm compress, heat patch, or hair dryer, to the site for 5-10 minutes at a time, multiple times per day.  *Disclaimer* Don’t do a heat treatment for hickeys that are less than 48 hours old.  This could cause the hickey to get larger since it stimulates blood flow into capillaries that haven’t yet healed.
Warm compress to get rid of hickeys
  1. Cocoa Butter to get rid of hickeys . Cocoa butter is a great treatment for a great variety of skin issues. Because of its healing properties, it is perfect for use on bruises and hickeys. Just warm the area with a compress or heating pad, then apply cocoa butter or a cocoa butter infused lotion and massage in. This should be done multiple times per day.
Cocoa Butter to get rid of hickeys
  1. Massaging to get rid of hickeys. Massage  the hickey with your fingers, especially after it has been in place for a few days, can be beneficial if you want to know how to get rid of a hickey fast Massaging it, starting in the center and moving to the outer edge, can help to break up the clot that has formed, letting your body absorb it faster. This should be paired with the use of a warm compress and cocoa butter for best results.
Massaging to get rid of hickeys

How to get rid of a hickey – How to hide a hickey

If all else fails, hiding a hickey might becomes your only option. Here are the top three tips on how to hide a hickey if none of the treatment options have worked.

  • Clothing to hide a hickey. This will really depend on where the hickey is, but if it is in one of the more common locations (neck, shoulder, etc) then covering it with clothing is an option.  Neck hickeys can easily be hidden with a collared shirt, a turtleneck sweater, or a cute and fashionable scarf. Shoulder hickeys are easier, and can usually be covered up with a sleeved shirt.  Just skip the tank tops and strapless shirts for a while and you’ll be fine.
How to hide a hickey
  • Hair to hide a hickey.  If you have long hair, it can be easy to cover up a hickey simply by leaving your hair down or styling it so the hickey is covered.  This isn’t useful for guys or for girls who are rocking a short hair style, but if you have medium to long hair, it can be your greatest concealed.
  • Makeup to hide a hickey. If a hickey can’t be easily concealed with hair or clothing, then makeup might be your only option.  There is a trick to it though, otherwise it looks silly.
    • 1. Use a green corrector directly over the hickey, and don’t skimp.  If you know you color wheel, then you know that green is directly opposite from red. Green corrector will help to make your hickey invisible.
    • 2. Mix your concealer, or use a concealer that matches your skin tone to outline the hickey. Blend it in, and add foundation over it to make it more natural.


Hickeys are something that happens in a moment of passion and they are nothing to be ashamed of.  They can appear a little bit unprofessional though, so if you need to get rid of them quickly or to hide them for the sake of appearances, then hopefully these tips on how to get rid of a hickey are helpful for you!

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